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Merton Parish Council - Agendas and Minutes 2016-17

Listed below are the agendas and minutes for meetings of the Merton Parish Council in the year 2016-17.

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PC meeting agenda April 2016

PC meeting minutes April 2016

Annual Parish meeting agenda April 2016

Annual Parish meeting minutes April 2016

AGM agenda May 2016

AGM minutes May 2016

PC meeting agenda May 2016

PC meeting minutes May 2016

PC meeting agenda July 2016

PC meeting minutes July 2016

PC meeting agenda September 2016

PC meeting minutes September 2016

PC meeting agenda November 2016

PC meeting minutes November 2016

PC meeting agenda January 2017

PC meeting minutes January 2017

PC meeting agenda March 2017

PC meeting minutes March 2017

Councillor Attendance Record

The attendance records for councillors in the 2016-17 year are as follows:

Cllr Brown Cllr Collins Cllr Horner Cllr Laughton Cllr Malcolm Cllr Nancekivell Cllr Papworth Cllr Scantelbury
88% 100% 100% 88% 88% 75% 100% 50%


The audited accounts of the Parish Council for the last financial year can be found below.

Accounts 2016-2017


Expenditures over 100 made by the Parish Council during the 2016-2017 financial year can be found below.

Expenditure 2016-2017

Asset Register

A list of all assets owned or used by the Parish Council can be found below.

Asset Register 2017